io library

Command-line client library for the Angel framework.


Represents an Angel server that we are querying.
Represents the result of authentication with an Angel server.
Queries an Angel server via REST.
RestService<Id, Data>
Queries an Angel service via REST.
Service<Id, Data>
Queries a service on an Angel server, with the same API.
ServiceList<Id, Data>
A List that automatically updates itself whenever the referenced service fires an event.


AngelConfigurer = FutureOr<void> Function(Angel app)
A function that configures an Angel client in some way.
AngelDeserializer<T> = T? Function(dynamic x)
A function that deserializes data received from the server.

Exceptions / Errors

Exception class that can be serialized to JSON and serialized to clients. Carries HTTP-specific metadata, like statusCode.