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Flutter Favorites

Some of the packages that demonstrate the highest levels of quality, selected by the Flutter Ecosystem Committee


Flutter plugin for reading and writing simple key-value pairs. Wraps NSUserDefaults on iOS and SharedPreferences on Android.


A reactive caching and data-binding framework. Riverpod makes working with asynchronous code a breeze.


Flutter plugin for Cloud Firestore, a cloud-hosted, noSQL database with live synchronization and offline support on Android and iOS.


RxDart is an implementation of the popular reactiveX api for asynchronous programming, leveraging the native Dart Streams api.

Most popular packages

Some of the most downloaded packages over the past 60 days


Contains code to deal with internationalized/localized messages, date and number formatting and parsing, bi-directional text, and other internationalization issues.


A flutter package to let users easily add a dashed border around any widget.


Customize Flutter's default white native splash screen with background color and splash image. Supports dark mode, full screen, and more.


A pluggable, mockable process invocation abstraction for Dart.


Extension methods for `package:vm_service`, used to make requests a Dart Development Service (DDS) instance.


Annotations used to express developer intentions that can't otherwise be deduced by statically analyzing source code.

Top Flutter packages

Some of the top packages that extend Flutter with new features


The Font Awesome Icon pack available as Flutter Icons. Provides 2000 additional icons to use in your apps.


Flutter Secure Storage provides API to store data in secure storage. Keychain is used in iOS, KeyStore based solution is used in Android.


A string-based path manipulation library. All of the path operations you know and love, with solid support for Windows, POSIX (Linux and Mac OS X), and the web.


A lightweight library for parsing, traversing, querying, transforming and building XML documents.


Flutter plugin for reading and writing simple key-value pairs. Wraps NSUserDefaults on iOS and SharedPreferences on Android.


A pdf producer for Dart. It can create pdf files for both web or flutter.

Top Dart packages

Some of the top packages for any Dart-based app or program


Small, easy to use and extensible logger which prints beautiful logs.


Provides lightweight yet convenient bindings to SQLite by using dart:ffi


intl_utils is a dart library that generates Dart localization code from ARB file. Generated code relies on Intl library.


A port in dart of the youtube explode library. Supports several API functions without the need of Youtube API Key.


A shelf handler for proxying HTTP requests to another server.


A convenient request router for the shelf web-framework, with support for URL-parameters, nested routers and routers generated from source annotations.

Package of the Week

Package of the Week is a series of quick, animated videos, each of which covers a particular package

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