GetAddrInfo function winsock

int GetAddrInfo(
  1. Pointer<Utf16> pNodeName,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> pServiceName,
  3. Pointer<ADDRINFO> pHints,
  4. Pointer<Pointer<ADDRINFO>> ppResult,

The GetAddrInfoW function provides protocol-independent translation from a Unicode host name to an address.

INT GetAddrInfoW(
  PCWSTR          pNodeName,
  PCWSTR          pServiceName,
  const ADDRINFOW *pHints,
  PADDRINFOW      *ppResult


int GetAddrInfo(Pointer<Utf16> pNodeName, Pointer<Utf16> pServiceName,
        Pointer<ADDRINFO> pHints, Pointer<Pointer<ADDRINFO>> ppResult) =>
    _GetAddrInfo(pNodeName, pServiceName, pHints, ppResult);