waveOutWrite function Null safety winmm

int waveOutWrite(
  1. int hwo,
  2. Pointer<WAVEHDR> pwh,
  3. int cbwh

The waveOutWrite function sends a data block to the given waveform-audio output device.

MMRESULT waveOutWrite(
  HWAVEOUT  hwo,
  UINT      cbwh


int waveOutWrite(int hwo, Pointer<WAVEHDR> pwh, int cbwh) {
  final _waveOutWrite = _winmm.lookupFunction<
      Uint32 Function(IntPtr hwo, Pointer<WAVEHDR> pwh, Uint32 cbwh),
      int Function(int hwo, Pointer<WAVEHDR> pwh, int cbwh)>('waveOutWrite');
  return _waveOutWrite(hwo, pwh, cbwh);