waveOutOpen function Null safety winmm

int waveOutOpen(
  1. Pointer<IntPtr> phwo,
  2. int uDeviceID,
  3. Pointer<WAVEFORMATEX> pwfx,
  4. int dwCallback,
  5. int dwInstance,
  6. int fdwOpen

The waveOutOpen function opens the given waveform-audio output device for playback.

MMRESULT waveOutOpen(
  LPHWAVEOUT      phwo,
  UINT            uDeviceID,
  DWORD_PTR       dwCallback,
  DWORD_PTR       dwInstance,
  DWORD           fdwOpen


int waveOutOpen(Pointer<IntPtr> phwo, int uDeviceID, Pointer<WAVEFORMATEX> pwfx,
        int dwCallback, int dwInstance, int fdwOpen) =>
    _waveOutOpen(phwo, uDeviceID, pwfx, dwCallback, dwInstance, fdwOpen);