waveOutGetErrorText function Null safety winmm

int waveOutGetErrorText(
  1. int mmrError,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> pszText,
  3. int cchText

The waveOutGetErrorText function retrieves a textual description of the error identified by the given error number.

MMRESULT waveOutGetErrorTextW(
  MMRESULT mmrError,
  LPWSTR    pszText,
  UINT     cchText


int waveOutGetErrorText(int mmrError, Pointer<Utf16> pszText, int cchText) {
  final _waveOutGetErrorText = _winmm.lookupFunction<
      Uint32 Function(Uint32 mmrError, Pointer<Utf16> pszText, Uint32 cchText),
      int Function(int mmrError, Pointer<Utf16> pszText,
          int cchText)>('waveOutGetErrorTextW');
  return _waveOutGetErrorText(mmrError, pszText, cchText);