midiOutCacheDrumPatches function Null safety winmm

int midiOutCacheDrumPatches(
  1. int hmo,
  2. int uPatch,
  3. Pointer<Uint16> pwkya,
  4. int fuCache

The midiOutCacheDrumPatches function requests that an internal MIDI synthesizer device preload and cache a specified set of key-based percussion patches.

MMRESULT midiOutCacheDrumPatches(
  UINT     uPatch,
  LPWORD   pwkya,
  UINT     fuCache


int midiOutCacheDrumPatches(
        int hmo, int uPatch, Pointer<Uint16> pwkya, int fuCache) =>
    _midiOutCacheDrumPatches(hmo, uPatch, pwkya, fuCache);