WindowsTrimStringEnd function Null safety winrt

int WindowsTrimStringEnd(
  1. int string,
  2. int trimString,
  3. Pointer<IntPtr> newString

Removes all trailing occurrences of a specified set of characters from the source string.

HRESULT WindowsTrimStringEnd(
  HSTRING string,
  HSTRING trimString,
  HSTRING *newString


int WindowsTrimStringEnd(
    int string, int trimString, Pointer<IntPtr> newString) {
  final _WindowsTrimStringEnd =
          Int32 Function(
              IntPtr string, IntPtr trimString, Pointer<IntPtr> newString),
          int Function(int string, int trimString,
              Pointer<IntPtr> newString)>('WindowsTrimStringEnd');
  return _WindowsTrimStringEnd(string, trimString, newString);