UpdateProcThreadAttribute function Null safety kernel32

int UpdateProcThreadAttribute(
  1. Pointer<NativeType> lpAttributeList,
  2. int dwFlags,
  3. int Attribute,
  4. Pointer<NativeType> lpValue,
  5. int cbSize,
  6. Pointer<NativeType> lpPreviousValue,
  7. Pointer<IntPtr> lpReturnSize

Updates the specified attribute in a list of attributes for process and thread creation.

BOOL UpdateProcThreadAttribute(
  DWORD                        dwFlags,
  DWORD_PTR                    Attribute,
  PVOID                        lpValue,
  SIZE_T                       cbSize,
  PVOID                        lpPreviousValue,
  PSIZE_T                      lpReturnSize


int UpdateProcThreadAttribute(
        Pointer lpAttributeList,
        int dwFlags,
        int Attribute,
        Pointer lpValue,
        int cbSize,
        Pointer lpPreviousValue,
        Pointer<IntPtr> lpReturnSize) =>
    _UpdateProcThreadAttribute(lpAttributeList, dwFlags, Attribute, lpValue,
        cbSize, lpPreviousValue, lpReturnSize);