TransactNamedPipe function kernel32

int TransactNamedPipe(
  1. int hNamedPipe,
  2. Pointer<NativeType> lpInBuffer,
  3. int nInBufferSize,
  4. Pointer<NativeType> lpOutBuffer,
  5. int nOutBufferSize,
  6. Pointer<Uint32> lpBytesRead,
  7. Pointer<OVERLAPPED> lpOverlapped

Combines the functions that write a message to and read a message from the specified named pipe into a single network operation.

BOOL TransactNamedPipe(
  HANDLE       hNamedPipe,
  LPVOID       lpInBuffer,
  DWORD        nInBufferSize,
  LPVOID       lpOutBuffer,
  DWORD        nOutBufferSize,
  LPDWORD      lpBytesRead,
  LPOVERLAPPED lpOverlapped);


int TransactNamedPipe(
        int hNamedPipe,
        Pointer lpInBuffer,
        int nInBufferSize,
        Pointer lpOutBuffer,
        int nOutBufferSize,
        Pointer<Uint32> lpBytesRead,
        Pointer<OVERLAPPED> lpOverlapped) =>
    _TransactNamedPipe(hNamedPipe, lpInBuffer, nInBufferSize, lpOutBuffer,
        nOutBufferSize, lpBytesRead, lpOverlapped);