TrackPopupMenuEx function Null safety user32

int TrackPopupMenuEx(
  1. int hMenu,
  2. int uFlags,
  3. int x,
  4. int y,
  5. int hwnd,
  6. Pointer<TPMPARAMS> lptpm

Displays a shortcut menu at the specified location and tracks the selection of items on the shortcut menu. The shortcut menu can appear anywhere on the screen.

BOOL TrackPopupMenuEx(
  HMENU hMenu,
  UINT uFlags,
  int x,
  int y,
  HWND hwnd,
  TPMPARAMS *lptpm


int TrackPopupMenuEx(int hMenu, int uFlags, int x, int y, int hwnd,
        Pointer<TPMPARAMS> lptpm) =>
    _TrackPopupMenuEx(hMenu, uFlags, x, y, hwnd, lptpm);