ToAsciiEx function user32

int ToAsciiEx(
  1. int uVirtKey,
  2. int uScanCode,
  3. Pointer<Uint8> lpKeyState,
  4. Pointer<Uint16> lpChar,
  5. int uFlags,
  6. int dwhkl

Translates the specified virtual-key code and keyboard state to the corresponding character or characters. The function translates the code using the input language and physical keyboard layout identified by the input locale identifier.

int ToAsciiEx(
  UINT       uVirtKey,
  UINT       uScanCode,
  const BYTE *lpKeyState,
  LPWORD     lpChar,
  UINT       uFlags,
  HKL        dwhkl


int ToAsciiEx(int uVirtKey, int uScanCode, Pointer<Uint8> lpKeyState,
        Pointer<Uint16> lpChar, int uFlags, int dwhkl) =>
    _ToAsciiEx(uVirtKey, uScanCode, lpKeyState, lpChar, uFlags, dwhkl);