TabbedTextOut function Null safety user32

int TabbedTextOut(
  1. int hdc,
  2. int x,
  3. int y,
  4. Pointer<Utf16> lpString,
  5. int chCount,
  6. int nTabPositions,
  7. Pointer<Int32> lpnTabStopPositions,
  8. int nTabOrigin

The TabbedTextOut function writes a character string at a specified location, expanding tabs to the values specified in an array of tab-stop positions. Text is written in the currently selected font, background color, and text color.

LONG TabbedTextOutW(
  HDC       hdc,
  int       x,
  int       y,
  LPCWSTR   lpString,
  int       chCount,
  int       nTabPositions,
  const INT *lpnTabStopPositions,
  int       nTabOrigin


int TabbedTextOut(
        int hdc,
        int x,
        int y,
        Pointer<Utf16> lpString,
        int chCount,
        int nTabPositions,
        Pointer<Int32> lpnTabStopPositions,
        int nTabOrigin) =>
    _TabbedTextOut(hdc, x, y, lpString, chCount, nTabPositions,
        lpnTabStopPositions, nTabOrigin);