SystemParametersInfoForDpi function user32

int SystemParametersInfoForDpi(
  1. int uiAction,
  2. int uiParam,
  3. Pointer<NativeType> pvParam,
  4. int fWinIni,
  5. int dpi

Retrieves the value of one of the system-wide parameters, taking into account the provided DPI value.

BOOL SystemParametersInfoForDpi(
  UINT  uiAction,
  UINT  uiParam,
  PVOID pvParam,
  UINT  fWinIni,
  UINT  dpi


int SystemParametersInfoForDpi(
        int uiAction, int uiParam, Pointer pvParam, int fWinIni, int dpi) =>
    _SystemParametersInfoForDpi(uiAction, uiParam, pvParam, fWinIni, dpi);