SetMenuItemBitmaps function user32

int SetMenuItemBitmaps(
  1. int hMenu,
  2. int uPosition,
  3. int uFlags,
  4. int hBitmapUnchecked,
  5. int hBitmapChecked

Associates the specified bitmap with a menu item. Whether the menu item is selected or clear, the system displays the appropriate bitmap next to the menu item.

BOOL SetMenuItemBitmaps(
  HMENU   hMenu,
  UINT    uPosition,
  UINT    uFlags,
  HBITMAP hBitmapUnchecked,
  HBITMAP hBitmapChecked


int SetMenuItemBitmaps(int hMenu, int uPosition, int uFlags,
        int hBitmapUnchecked, int hBitmapChecked) =>
        hMenu, uPosition, uFlags, hBitmapUnchecked, hBitmapChecked);