SetJob function Null safety winspool

int SetJob(
  1. int hPrinter,
  2. int JobId,
  3. int Level,
  4. Pointer<Uint8> pJob,
  5. int Command

The SetJob function pauses, resumes, cancels, or restarts a print job on a specified printer. You can also use the SetJob function to set print job parameters, such as the print job priority and the document name.

  _In_ HANDLE hPrinter,
  _In_ DWORD  JobId,
  _In_ DWORD  Level,
  _In_ LPBYTE pJob,
  _In_ DWORD  Command


int SetJob(
        int hPrinter, int JobId, int Level, Pointer<Uint8> pJob, int Command) =>
    _SetJob(hPrinter, JobId, Level, pJob, Command);