SetGestureConfig function user32

int SetGestureConfig(
  1. int hwnd,
  2. int dwReserved,
  3. int cIDs,
  4. Pointer<GESTURECONFIG> pGestureConfig,
  5. int cbSize

Configures the messages that are sent from a window for Windows Touch gestures.

BOOL SetGestureConfig(
  HWND           hwnd,
  DWORD          dwReserved,
  UINT           cIDs,
  PGESTURECONFIG pGestureConfig,
  UINT           cbSize


int SetGestureConfig(int hwnd, int dwReserved, int cIDs,
        Pointer<GESTURECONFIG> pGestureConfig, int cbSize) =>
    _SetGestureConfig(hwnd, dwReserved, cIDs, pGestureConfig, cbSize);