SetFilePointer function Null safety kernel32

int SetFilePointer(
  1. int hFile,
  2. int lDistanceToMove,
  3. Pointer<Int32> lpDistanceToMoveHigh,
  4. int dwMoveMethod

Moves the file pointer of the specified file.

DWORD SetFilePointer(
  HANDLE hFile,
  LONG   lDistanceToMove,
  PLONG  lpDistanceToMoveHigh,
  DWORD  dwMoveMethod


int SetFilePointer(int hFile, int lDistanceToMove,
        Pointer<Int32> lpDistanceToMoveHigh, int dwMoveMethod) =>
    _SetFilePointer(hFile, lDistanceToMove, lpDistanceToMoveHigh, dwMoveMethod);