ScrollWindowEx function Null safety user32

int ScrollWindowEx(
  1. int hWnd,
  2. int dx,
  3. int dy,
  4. Pointer<RECT> prcScroll,
  5. Pointer<RECT> prcClip,
  6. int hrgnUpdate,
  7. Pointer<RECT> prcUpdate,
  8. int flags

The ScrollWindowEx function scrolls the contents of the specified window's client area.

int ScrollWindowEx(
  HWND       hWnd,
  int        dx,
  int        dy,
  const RECT *prcScroll,
  const RECT *prcClip,
  HRGN       hrgnUpdate,
  LPRECT     prcUpdate,
  UINT       flags


int ScrollWindowEx(
        int hWnd,
        int dx,
        int dy,
        Pointer<RECT> prcScroll,
        Pointer<RECT> prcClip,
        int hrgnUpdate,
        Pointer<RECT> prcUpdate,
        int flags) =>
        hWnd, dx, dy, prcScroll, prcClip, hrgnUpdate, prcUpdate, flags);