ScrollConsoleScreenBuffer function Null safety kernel32

int ScrollConsoleScreenBuffer(
  1. int hConsoleOutput,
  2. Pointer<SMALL_RECT> lpScrollRectangle,
  3. Pointer<SMALL_RECT> lpClipRectangle,
  4. COORD dwDestinationOrigin,
  5. Pointer<CHAR_INFO> lpFill

Moves a block of data in a screen buffer. The effects of the move can be limited by specifying a clipping rectangle, so the contents of the console screen buffer outside the clipping rectangle are unchanged.

BOOL WINAPI ScrollConsoleScreenBufferW(
  _In_           HANDLE     hConsoleOutput,
  _In_     const SMALL_RECT *lpScrollRectangle,
  _In_opt_ const SMALL_RECT *lpClipRectangle,
  _In_           COORD      dwDestinationOrigin,
  _In_     const CHAR_INFO  *lpFill


int ScrollConsoleScreenBuffer(
        int hConsoleOutput,
        Pointer<SMALL_RECT> lpScrollRectangle,
        Pointer<SMALL_RECT> lpClipRectangle,
        COORD dwDestinationOrigin,
        Pointer<CHAR_INFO> lpFill) =>
    _ScrollConsoleScreenBuffer(hConsoleOutput, lpScrollRectangle,
        lpClipRectangle, dwDestinationOrigin, lpFill);