SCardStatus function winscard

int SCardStatus(
  1. int hCard,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> mszReaderNames,
  3. Pointer<Uint32> pcchReaderLen,
  4. Pointer<Uint32> pdwState,
  5. Pointer<Uint32> pdwProtocol,
  6. Pointer<Uint8> pbAtr,
  7. Pointer<Uint32> pcbAtrLen

The SCardStatus function provides the current status of a smart card in a reader. You can call it any time after a successful call to SCardConnect and before a successful call to SCardDisconnect. It does not affect the state of the reader or reader driver.

LONG SCardStatusW(
  LPWSTR      mszReaderNames,
  LPDWORD     pcchReaderLen,
  LPDWORD     pdwState,
  LPDWORD     pdwProtocol,
  LPBYTE      pbAtr,
  LPDWORD     pcbAtrLen


int SCardStatus(
        int hCard,
        Pointer<Utf16> mszReaderNames,
        Pointer<Uint32> pcchReaderLen,
        Pointer<Uint32> pdwState,
        Pointer<Uint32> pdwProtocol,
        Pointer<Uint8> pbAtr,
        Pointer<Uint32> pcbAtrLen) =>
    _SCardStatus(hCard, mszReaderNames, pcchReaderLen, pdwState, pdwProtocol,
        pbAtr, pcbAtrLen);