SCardSetAttrib function winscard

int SCardSetAttrib(
  1. int hCard,
  2. int dwAttrId,
  3. Pointer<Uint8> pbAttr,
  4. int cbAttrLen

The SCardSetAttrib function sets the given reader attribute for the given handle. It does not affect the state of the reader, reader driver, or smart card. Not all attributes are supported by all readers (nor can they be set at all times) as many of the attributes are under direct control of the transport protocol.

LONG SCardSetAttrib(
  DWORD       dwAttrId,
  LPCBYTE     pbAttr,
  DWORD       cbAttrLen


int SCardSetAttrib(
        int hCard, int dwAttrId, Pointer<Uint8> pbAttr, int cbAttrLen) =>
    _SCardSetAttrib(hCard, dwAttrId, pbAttr, cbAttrLen);