SCardReconnect function winscard

int SCardReconnect(
  1. int hCard,
  2. int dwShareMode,
  3. int dwPreferredProtocols,
  4. int dwInitialization,
  5. Pointer<Uint32> pdwActiveProtocol

The SCardReconnect function reestablishes an existing connection between the calling application and a smart card. This function moves a card handle from direct access to general access, or acknowledges and clears an error condition that is preventing further access to the card.

LONG SCardReconnect(
  DWORD       dwShareMode,
  DWORD       dwPreferredProtocols,
  DWORD       dwInitialization,
  LPDWORD     pdwActiveProtocol


int SCardReconnect(int hCard, int dwShareMode, int dwPreferredProtocols,
        int dwInitialization, Pointer<Uint32> pdwActiveProtocol) =>
    _SCardReconnect(hCard, dwShareMode, dwPreferredProtocols, dwInitialization,