SCardLocateCardsByATR function Null safety winscard

int SCardLocateCardsByATR(
  1. int hContext,
  2. Pointer<SCARD_ATRMASK> rgAtrMasks,
  3. int cAtrs,
  4. Pointer<SCARD_READERSTATE> rgReaderStates,
  5. int cReaders

The SCardLocateCardsByATR function searches the readers listed in the rgReaderStates parameter for a card with a name that matches one of the card names contained in one of the SCARD_ATRMASK structures specified by the rgAtrMasks parameter.

LONG SCardLocateCardsByATRW(
  SCARDCONTEXT         hContext,
  LPSCARD_ATRMASK      rgAtrMasks,
  DWORD                cAtrs,
  DWORD                cReaders


int SCardLocateCardsByATR(int hContext, Pointer<SCARD_ATRMASK> rgAtrMasks,
        int cAtrs, Pointer<SCARD_READERSTATE> rgReaderStates, int cReaders) =>
        hContext, rgAtrMasks, cAtrs, rgReaderStates, cReaders);