SCardLocateCards function Null safety winscard

int SCardLocateCards(
  1. int hContext,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> mszCards,
  3. Pointer<SCARD_READERSTATE> rgReaderStates,
  4. int cReaders

The SCardLocateCards function searches the readers listed in the rgReaderStates parameter for a card with an ATR string that matches one of the card names specified in mszCards, returning immediately with the result.

LONG SCardLocateCardsW(
  SCARDCONTEXT         hContext,
  LPCWSTR              mszCards,
  DWORD                cReaders


int SCardLocateCards(int hContext, Pointer<Utf16> mszCards,
        Pointer<SCARD_READERSTATE> rgReaderStates, int cReaders) =>
    _SCardLocateCards(hContext, mszCards, rgReaderStates, cReaders);