SCardListReaders function winscard

int SCardListReaders(
  1. int hContext,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> mszGroups,
  3. Pointer<Utf16> mszReaders,
  4. Pointer<Uint32> pcchReaders

The SCardListReaders function provides the list of readers within a set of named reader groups, eliminating duplicates. The caller supplies a list of reader groups, and receives the list of readers within the named groups. Unrecognized group names are ignored. This function only returns readers within the named groups that are currently attached to the system and available for use.

LONG SCardListReadersW(
  LPCWSTR      mszGroups,
  LPWSTR       mszReaders,
  LPDWORD      pcchReaders


int SCardListReaders(int hContext, Pointer<Utf16> mszGroups,
        Pointer<Utf16> mszReaders, Pointer<Uint32> pcchReaders) =>
    _SCardListReaders(hContext, mszGroups, mszReaders, pcchReaders);