SCardListInterfaces function Null safety winscard

int SCardListInterfaces(
  1. int hContext,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> szCard,
  3. Pointer<GUID> pguidInterfaces,
  4. Pointer<Uint32> pcguidInterfaces

The SCardListInterfaces function provides a list of interfaces supplied by a given card. The caller supplies the name of a smart card previously introduced to the subsystem, and receives the list of interfaces supported by the card.

LONG SCardListInterfacesW(
  LPCWSTR      szCard,
  LPGUID       pguidInterfaces,
  LPDWORD      pcguidInterfaces


int SCardListInterfaces(int hContext, Pointer<Utf16> szCard,
        Pointer<GUID> pguidInterfaces, Pointer<Uint32> pcguidInterfaces) =>
    _SCardListInterfaces(hContext, szCard, pguidInterfaces, pcguidInterfaces);