SCardGetStatusChange function winscard

int SCardGetStatusChange(
  1. int hContext,
  2. int dwTimeout,
  3. Pointer<SCARD_READERSTATE> rgReaderStates,
  4. int cReaders

The SCardGetStatusChange function blocks execution until the current availability of the cards in a specific set of readers changes. The caller supplies a list of readers to be monitored by an SCARD_READERSTATE array and the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) that it is willing to wait for an action to occur on one of the listed readers. Note that SCardGetStatusChange uses the user-supplied value in the dwCurrentState members of the rgReaderStatesSCARD_READERSTATE array as the definition of the current state of the readers. The function returns when there is a change in availability, having filled in the dwEventState members of rgReaderStates appropriately.

LONG SCardGetStatusChangeW(
  SCARDCONTEXT         hContext,
  DWORD                dwTimeout,
  DWORD                cReaders


int SCardGetStatusChange(int hContext, int dwTimeout,
        Pointer<SCARD_READERSTATE> rgReaderStates, int cReaders) =>
    _SCardGetStatusChange(hContext, dwTimeout, rgReaderStates, cReaders);