SCardGetReaderDeviceInstanceId function Null safety winscard

int SCardGetReaderDeviceInstanceId(
  1. int hContext,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> szReaderName,
  3. Pointer<Utf16> szDeviceInstanceId,
  4. Pointer<Uint32> pcchDeviceInstanceId

The SCardGetReaderDeviceInstanceId function gets the device instance identifier of the card reader for the given reader name. This function does not affect the state of the reader.

LONG SCardGetReaderDeviceInstanceIdW(
  LPCWSTR      szReaderName,
  LPWSTR       szDeviceInstanceId,
  LPDWORD      pcchDeviceInstanceId


int SCardGetReaderDeviceInstanceId(
        int hContext,
        Pointer<Utf16> szReaderName,
        Pointer<Utf16> szDeviceInstanceId,
        Pointer<Uint32> pcchDeviceInstanceId) =>
        hContext, szReaderName, szDeviceInstanceId, pcchDeviceInstanceId);