RegOpenKeyTransacted function Null safety advapi32

int RegOpenKeyTransacted(
  1. int hKey,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> lpSubKey,
  3. int ulOptions,
  4. int samDesired,
  5. Pointer<IntPtr> phkResult,
  6. int hTransaction,
  7. Pointer<NativeType> pExtendedParemeter

Opens the specified registry key and associates it with a transaction. Note that key names are not case sensitive.

LSTATUS RegOpenKeyTransactedW(
  HKEY    hKey,
  LPCWSTR lpSubKey,
  DWORD   ulOptions,
  REGSAM  samDesired,
  PHKEY   phkResult,
  HANDLE  hTransaction,
  PVOID   pExtendedParemeter);


int RegOpenKeyTransacted(
        int hKey,
        Pointer<Utf16> lpSubKey,
        int ulOptions,
        int samDesired,
        Pointer<IntPtr> phkResult,
        int hTransaction,
        Pointer pExtendedParemeter) =>
    _RegOpenKeyTransacted(hKey, lpSubKey, ulOptions, samDesired, phkResult,
        hTransaction, pExtendedParemeter);