RegNotifyChangeKeyValue function Null safety advapi32

int RegNotifyChangeKeyValue(
  1. int hKey,
  2. int bWatchSubtree,
  3. int dwNotifyFilter,
  4. int hEvent,
  5. int fAsynchronous

Notifies the caller about changes to the attributes or contents of a specified registry key.

LSTATUS RegNotifyChangeKeyValue(
  HKEY   hKey,
  BOOL   bWatchSubtree,
  DWORD  dwNotifyFilter,
  HANDLE hEvent,
  BOOL   fAsynchronous);


int RegNotifyChangeKeyValue(int hKey, int bWatchSubtree, int dwNotifyFilter,
        int hEvent, int fAsynchronous) =>
        hKey, bWatchSubtree, dwNotifyFilter, hEvent, fAsynchronous);