PolyPolygon function Null safety gdi32

int PolyPolygon(
  1. int hdc,
  2. Pointer<POINT> apt,
  3. Pointer<Int32> asz,
  4. int csz

The PolyPolygon function draws a series of closed polygons. Each polygon is outlined by using the current pen and filled by using the current brush and polygon fill mode. The polygons drawn by this function can overlap.

BOOL PolyPolygon(
  HDC         hdc,
  const POINT *apt,
  const INT   *asz,
  int         csz


int PolyPolygon(int hdc, Pointer<POINT> apt, Pointer<Int32> asz, int csz) =>
    _PolyPolygon(hdc, apt, asz, csz);