ModifyMenu function user32

int ModifyMenu(
  1. int hMnu,
  2. int uPosition,
  3. int uFlags,
  4. int uIDNewItem,
  5. Pointer<Utf16> lpNewItem

Changes an existing menu item. This function is used to specify the content, appearance, and behavior of the menu item.

BOOL ModifyMenuW(
  HMENU    hMnu,
  UINT     uPosition,
  UINT     uFlags,
  UINT_PTR uIDNewItem,
  LPCWSTR  lpNewItem


int ModifyMenu(int hMnu, int uPosition, int uFlags, int uIDNewItem,
        Pointer<Utf16> lpNewItem) =>
    _ModifyMenu(hMnu, uPosition, uFlags, uIDNewItem, lpNewItem);