LookupIconIdFromDirectoryEx function Null safety user32

int LookupIconIdFromDirectoryEx(
  1. Pointer<Uint8> presbits,
  2. int fIcon,
  3. int cxDesired,
  4. int cyDesired,
  5. int Flags

Searches through icon or cursor data for the icon or cursor that best fits the current display device.

int LookupIconIdFromDirectoryEx(
  PBYTE presbits,
  BOOL  fIcon,
  int   cxDesired,
  int   cyDesired,
  UINT  Flags


int LookupIconIdFromDirectoryEx(Pointer<Uint8> presbits, int fIcon,
        int cxDesired, int cyDesired, int Flags) =>
    _LookupIconIdFromDirectoryEx(presbits, fIcon, cxDesired, cyDesired, Flags);