IntersectRect function Null safety user32

int IntersectRect(
  1. Pointer<RECT> lprcDst,
  2. Pointer<RECT> lprcSrc1,
  3. Pointer<RECT> lprcSrc2

The IntersectRect function calculates the intersection of two source rectangles and places the coordinates of the intersection rectangle into the destination rectangle. If the source rectangles do not intersect, an empty rectangle (in which all coordinates are set to zero) is placed into the destination rectangle.

BOOL IntersectRect(
  LPRECT     lprcDst,
  const RECT *lprcSrc1,
  const RECT *lprcSrc2


int IntersectRect(Pointer<RECT> lprcDst, Pointer<RECT> lprcSrc1,
        Pointer<RECT> lprcSrc2) =>
    _IntersectRect(lprcDst, lprcSrc1, lprcSrc2);