InitiateShutdown function Null safety advapi32

int InitiateShutdown(
  1. Pointer<Utf16> lpMachineName,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> lpMessage,
  3. int dwGracePeriod,
  4. int dwShutdownFlags,
  5. int dwReason

Initiates a shutdown and restart of the specified computer, and restarts any applications that have been registered for restart.

DWORD InitiateShutdownW(
  LPWSTR lpMachineName,
  LPWSTR lpMessage,
  DWORD  dwGracePeriod,
  DWORD  dwShutdownFlags,
  DWORD  dwReason


int InitiateShutdown(Pointer<Utf16> lpMachineName, Pointer<Utf16> lpMessage,
        int dwGracePeriod, int dwShutdownFlags, int dwReason) =>
        lpMachineName, lpMessage, dwGracePeriod, dwShutdownFlags, dwReason);