GetWindowModuleFileName function Null safety user32

int GetWindowModuleFileName(
  1. int hwnd,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> pszFileName,
  3. int cchFileNameMax

Retrieves the full path and file name of the module associated with the specified window handle.

UINT GetWindowModuleFileNameW(
  HWND   hwnd,
  LPWSTR pszFileName,
  UINT   cchFileNameMax


int GetWindowModuleFileName(
    int hwnd, Pointer<Utf16> pszFileName, int cchFileNameMax) {
  final _GetWindowModuleFileName = _user32.lookupFunction<
      Uint32 Function(
          IntPtr hwnd, Pointer<Utf16> pszFileName, Uint32 cchFileNameMax),
      int Function(int hwnd, Pointer<Utf16> pszFileName,
          int cchFileNameMax)>('GetWindowModuleFileNameW');
  return _GetWindowModuleFileName(hwnd, pszFileName, cchFileNameMax);