GetScrollInfo function Null safety user32

int GetScrollInfo(
  1. int hwnd,
  2. int nBar,
  3. Pointer<SCROLLINFO> lpsi

The GetScrollInfo function retrieves the parameters of a scroll bar, including the minimum and maximum scrolling positions, the page size, and the position of the scroll box (thumb).

BOOL GetScrollInfo(
  HWND         hwnd,
  int          nBar,


int GetScrollInfo(int hwnd, int nBar, Pointer<SCROLLINFO> lpsi) {
  final _GetScrollInfo = _user32.lookupFunction<
      Int32 Function(IntPtr hwnd, Uint32 nBar, Pointer<SCROLLINFO> lpsi),
      int Function(
          int hwnd, int nBar, Pointer<SCROLLINFO> lpsi)>('GetScrollInfo');
  return _GetScrollInfo(hwnd, nBar, lpsi);