GetProductInfo function kernel32

int GetProductInfo(
  1. int dwOSMajorVersion,
  2. int dwOSMinorVersion,
  3. int dwSpMajorVersion,
  4. int dwSpMinorVersion,
  5. Pointer<Uint32> pdwReturnedProductType

Retrieves the product type for the operating system on the local computer, and maps the type to the product types supported by the specified operating system.

BOOL GetProductInfo(
  DWORD  dwOSMajorVersion,
  DWORD  dwOSMinorVersion,
  DWORD  dwSpMajorVersion,
  DWORD  dwSpMinorVersion,
  PDWORD pdwReturnedProductType


int GetProductInfo(
        int dwOSMajorVersion,
        int dwOSMinorVersion,
        int dwSpMajorVersion,
        int dwSpMinorVersion,
        Pointer<Uint32> pdwReturnedProductType) =>
    _GetProductInfo(dwOSMajorVersion, dwOSMinorVersion, dwSpMajorVersion,
        dwSpMinorVersion, pdwReturnedProductType);