GetPrinterDataEx function Null safety winspool

int GetPrinterDataEx(
  1. int hPrinter,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> pKeyName,
  3. Pointer<Utf16> pValueName,
  4. Pointer<Uint32> pType,
  5. Pointer<Uint8> pData,
  6. int nSize,
  7. Pointer<Uint32> pcbNeeded

The GetPrinterDataEx function retrieves configuration data for the specified printer or print server. GetPrinterDataEx can retrieve values that the SetPrinterData function stored. In addition, GetPrinterDataEx can retrieve values that the SetPrinterDataEx function stored under a specified key.

DWORD GetPrinterDataExW(
  _In_  HANDLE  hPrinter,
  _In_  LPCTSTR pKeyName,
  _In_  LPCTSTR pValueName,
  _Out_ LPDWORD pType,
  _Out_ LPBYTE  pData,
  _In_  DWORD   nSize,
  _Out_ LPDWORD pcbNeeded


int GetPrinterDataEx(
        int hPrinter,
        Pointer<Utf16> pKeyName,
        Pointer<Utf16> pValueName,
        Pointer<Uint32> pType,
        Pointer<Uint8> pData,
        int nSize,
        Pointer<Uint32> pcbNeeded) =>
        hPrinter, pKeyName, pValueName, pType, pData, nSize, pcbNeeded);