GetNextDlgGroupItem function Null safety user32

int GetNextDlgGroupItem(
  1. int hDlg,
  2. int hCtl,
  3. int bPrevious

Retrieves a handle to the first control in a group of controls that precedes (or follows) the specified control in a dialog box.

HWND GetNextDlgGroupItem(
  HWND hDlg,
  HWND hCtl,
  BOOL bPrevious


int GetNextDlgGroupItem(int hDlg, int hCtl, int bPrevious) {
  final _GetNextDlgGroupItem = _user32.lookupFunction<
      IntPtr Function(IntPtr hDlg, IntPtr hCtl, Int32 bPrevious),
      int Function(int hDlg, int hCtl, int bPrevious)>('GetNextDlgGroupItem');
  return _GetNextDlgGroupItem(hDlg, hCtl, bPrevious);