GetKeyboardLayoutList function Null safety user32

int GetKeyboardLayoutList(
  1. int nBuff,
  2. Pointer<IntPtr> lpList

Retrieves the input locale identifiers (formerly called keyboard layout handles) corresponding to the current set of input locales in the system. The function copies the identifiers to the specified buffer.

int GetKeyboardLayoutList(
  int nBuff,
  HKL *lpList


int GetKeyboardLayoutList(int nBuff, Pointer<IntPtr> lpList) {
  final _GetKeyboardLayoutList = _user32.lookupFunction<
      Int32 Function(Int32 nBuff, Pointer<IntPtr> lpList),
      int Function(int nBuff, Pointer<IntPtr> lpList)>('GetKeyboardLayoutList');
  return _GetKeyboardLayoutList(nBuff, lpList);