GetDlgItemInt function user32

int GetDlgItemInt(
  1. int hDlg,
  2. int nIDDlgItem,
  3. Pointer<Int32> lpTranslated,
  4. int bSigned

Translates the text of a specified control in a dialog box into an integer value.

UINT GetDlgItemInt(
  HWND hDlg,
  int  nIDDlgItem,
  BOOL *lpTranslated,
  BOOL bSigned


int GetDlgItemInt(
        int hDlg, int nIDDlgItem, Pointer<Int32> lpTranslated, int bSigned) =>
    _GetDlgItemInt(hDlg, nIDDlgItem, lpTranslated, bSigned);