GetDIBits function gdi32

int GetDIBits(
  1. int hdc,
  2. int hbm,
  3. int start,
  4. int cLines,
  5. Pointer<NativeType> lpvBits,
  6. Pointer<BITMAPINFO> lpbmi,
  7. int usage

The GetDIBits function retrieves the bits of the specified compatible bitmap and copies them into a buffer as a DIB using the specified format.

int GetDIBits(
  HDC          hdc,
  HBITMAP      hbm,
  UINT         start,
  UINT         cLines,
  LPVOID       lpvBits,
  UINT         usage


int GetDIBits(int hdc, int hbm, int start, int cLines, Pointer lpvBits,
        Pointer<BITMAPINFO> lpbmi, int usage) =>
    _GetDIBits(hdc, hbm, start, cLines, lpvBits, lpbmi, usage);