FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification function Null safety winspool

int FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification(
  1. int hPrinter,
  2. int fdwFilter,
  3. int fdwOptions,
  4. Pointer<NativeType> pPrinterNotifyOptions

The FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification function creates a change notification object and returns a handle to the object. You can then use this handle in a call to one of the wait functions to monitor changes to the printer or print server.

HANDLE FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification(
  _In_     HANDLE hPrinter,
           DWORD  fdwFilter,
           DWORD  fdwOptions,
  _In_opt_ LPVOID pPrinterNotifyOptions


int FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification(int hPrinter, int fdwFilter,
        int fdwOptions, Pointer pPrinterNotifyOptions) =>
        hPrinter, fdwFilter, fdwOptions, pPrinterNotifyOptions);