FindFirstChangeNotification function Null safety kernel32

int FindFirstChangeNotification(
  1. Pointer<Utf16> lpPathName,
  2. int bWatchSubtree,
  3. int dwNotifyFilter

Creates a change notification handle and sets up initial change notification filter conditions. A wait on a notification handle succeeds when a change matching the filter conditions occurs in the specified directory or subtree. The function does not report changes to the specified directory itself.

HANDLE FindFirstChangeNotificationW(
  LPCWSTR lpPathName,
  BOOL    bWatchSubtree,
  DWORD   dwNotifyFilter


int FindFirstChangeNotification(
        Pointer<Utf16> lpPathName, int bWatchSubtree, int dwNotifyFilter) =>
    _FindFirstChangeNotification(lpPathName, bWatchSubtree, dwNotifyFilter);