FillRect function Null safety user32

int FillRect(
  1. int hDC,
  2. Pointer<RECT> lprc,
  3. int hbr

The FillRect function fills a rectangle by using the specified brush. This function includes the left and top borders, but excludes the right and bottom borders of the rectangle.

int FillRect(
  HDC        hDC,
  const RECT *lprc,
  HBRUSH     hbr


int FillRect(int hDC, Pointer<RECT> lprc, int hbr) {
  final _FillRect = _user32.lookupFunction<
      Int32 Function(IntPtr hDC, Pointer<RECT> lprc, IntPtr hbr),
      int Function(int hDC, Pointer<RECT> lprc, int hbr)>('FillRect');
  return _FillRect(hDC, lprc, hbr);