EnumResourceTypes function Null safety kernel32

int EnumResourceTypes(
  1. int hModule,
  2. Pointer<NativeFunction<EnumResTypeProc>> lpEnumFunc,
  3. int lParam

Enumerates resource types within a binary module. Starting with Windows Vista, this is typically a language-neutral Portable Executable (LN file), and the enumeration also includes resources from one of the corresponding language-specific resource files (.mui files)—if one exists—that contain localizable language resources. It is also possible to use hModule to specify a .mui file, in which case only that file is searched for resource types.

BOOL EnumResourceTypesW(
  HMODULE          hModule,
  LONG_PTR         lParam


int EnumResourceTypes(int hModule,
        Pointer<NativeFunction<EnumResTypeProc>> lpEnumFunc, int lParam) =>
    _EnumResourceTypes(hModule, lpEnumFunc, lParam);