EnumProcessModulesEx function Null safety kernel32

int EnumProcessModulesEx(
  1. int hProcess,
  2. Pointer<IntPtr> lphModule,
  3. int cb,
  4. Pointer<Uint32> lpcbNeeded,
  5. int dwFilterFlag

Retrieves a handle for each module in the specified process that meets the specified filter criteria.

BOOL K32EnumProcessModulesEx(
  HANDLE  hProcess,
  HMODULE *lphModule,
  DWORD   cb,
  LPDWORD lpcbNeeded,
  DWORD   dwFilterFlag


int EnumProcessModulesEx(int hProcess, Pointer<IntPtr> lphModule, int cb,
        Pointer<Uint32> lpcbNeeded, int dwFilterFlag) =>
    _K32EnumProcessModulesEx(hProcess, lphModule, cb, lpcbNeeded, dwFilterFlag);