EnumFontFamiliesEx function gdi32

int EnumFontFamiliesEx(
  1. int hdc,
  2. Pointer<LOGFONT> lpLogfont,
  3. Pointer<NativeFunction<EnumFontFamExProc>> lpProc,
  4. int lParam,
  5. int dwFlags

The EnumFontFamiliesEx function enumerates all uniquely-named fonts in the system that match the font characteristics specified by the LOGFONT structure. EnumFontFamiliesEx enumerates fonts based on typeface name, character set, or both.

int EnumFontFamiliesExW(
  HDC           hdc,
  LPLOGFONTW    lpLogfont,
  LPARAM        lParam,
  DWORD         dwFlags


int EnumFontFamiliesEx(
        int hdc,
        Pointer<LOGFONT> lpLogfont,
        Pointer<NativeFunction<EnumFontFamExProc>> lpProc,
        int lParam,
        int dwFlags) =>
    _EnumFontFamiliesEx(hdc, lpLogfont, lpProc, lParam, dwFlags);